Zentrack tuning packages for Ford Ecoboost engines

Available on all new Zentrack car orders, and can be offered as an upgrade package on cars fitted with either a 2.0 or 2.3 litre ecoboost engine.

For standard 2 litre engines we offer a re-map to 285 bhp (from 250 bhp) for £395, and can also advise on sports exhaust systems, induction kits, uprated intercoolers and oil coolers for customers doing track days. We can supply engines running up to 400 bhp with uprated pistons/con  rods/better cooling and lubrication systems – please call 07547 663773 for further info.

For 2.3 litre engines there are more options as follows -

Standard 2.3 ecoboost “crate engine” 310 bhp and 340 lbft torque from £3,995 plus vat fitted (on an exchange basis).

We can offer the following upgrades -

Stage 1 – improves power and torque by up to 30% compared to standard engine. 

  • Hybrid turbo and actuator upgrade

  • Stage 1 remap of existing ECU

  • Zentrack intercooler and induction kit

  • Sports exhaust and Lightweight flywheel**

  • Max torque 373.3 lbft @ 3350 rpm, max power 360 bhp @ 5600 rpm

  • Prices from £1,995 plus vat on an exchange basis 

Items marked ** are optional extras

Stage 2

  • Larger turbo and motorsport oil/water lines, uprated fuel pump, Dry sump kit, forged bottom end (Steel rods, competition pistons, uprated big end and main bearings) plus uprated head gasket and stud kit.

  • 400 to 480 bhp approx. at 5600 rpm, 400 to 450 lbft at 4500 approx. depending on boost levels

We can supply and install complete engines and may take your existing engine in part exchange – please contact us to confirm prices .

Stage 3

  • All items in Stage 1 and Stage 2 plus uprated valve springs & high lift cams.

  • 480 to 550 bhp approx. at 6200 rpm, 450 to 520 lbft depending on boost.

Again, we may take your existing engine in part exchange – please call us for details.

*** Rolling road power outputs may vary due to calibration and ambient temperature at time of testing – all our dyno work is carried out using shell Vpower 99 octane fuel ***

Brake Upgrades

We can discuss your requirements to understand exactly what you want to improve and check the set up of your existing brake package free of charge.


We are pleased to confirm that we will be offering Nitron NTR dampers in our suspension upgrade packages for both Zenos and Zentrack chassis


Zentrack can offer full design, manufacture and installation of chassis and roll cages for any car and we are also happy to fit roll cages supplied by customers if required.

Engine Tuning

Zentrack tuning packages for 2.3 Ford Ecoboost engines. Available on all new Zentrack car orders, and can be offered as an upgrade package on cars fitted with a 2.3 ecoboost engine.

Heat Management

Funk Motorsport are one of our supply partners and are heat management specialists. With a wide range of thermal products available from them, we are able to help you protect against the dangers of heat.

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